Prevailing Wage Projects and Your Construction Company

Payroll Tips
Strategies for Making the Move to Public Works Construction Projects Seminar - American Subcontractors Association, San Diego branch, January 19, 2012 The current economic situation has dealt a serious blow to both homebuilders and commercial contractors and many are finding themselves make the move to Public Works construction and Prevailing Wage projects.  Make the move to Public Works construction will require planning and quite possibly a variety of changes in the way you currently run your existing construction business. Join industry experts; Steve Kuzmack, President of Fringe Benefit Experts and Nancy Smyth, President of Sunburst Software Solutions, Inc. for an intensive 2 hour session on January 19, 2012; on strategies for lowering labor costs and complying with certified payroll reporting requirements on Federal and/or State funded construction projects. Learn How:…
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