How to Set Up Timetracking – #QuickBooks Tip

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How to set up timetracking and use QuickBooks timesheets is a question that I see nearly every day on the Intuit Community forums. There are several ways in which you can enable timetracking in QuickBooks. When you create a new QuickBooks company file using the File -> New Company option and go through the EasyStep Interview there is a window that specifically asks "Do you want to track time in QuickBooks?" [caption id="attachment_1974" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Right click on the image to enlarge it"][/caption] If your QuickBooks company file wasn't set up using the EasyStep Interview, turning on timetracking and timesheets is an easy task, but you'll find that it is slightly more hidden. Turning on timesheets will require that you be logged into QuickBooks in single user mode as the…
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