Creating Estimates In Excel vs. QuickBooks – What’s the Difference?

Customers & Accounts Receivable, Job Costing Tips, QuickBooks Setup & Cleanup
If you use QuickBooks for your accounting and you create your Estimates in Excel instead of within QuickBooks you loose out on job costing capabilities and so much more! I often see and hear comments such as this as I browse the web or talk with potential customers for our software: Right now we are using QuickBooks Contractor. It is ok for our accounting software but we are looking for something that works as an overall system for our office - CRM, estimating, job costing, proposals, work tickets and most importantly easy for my guys to use.  Right now we are using Excel for Estimates and invoices. When I see and hear comments like this I get so confused - because QuickBooks does allow you to create Estimates, Proposals, and…
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