QuickBooks & Your Construction Business – What’s Your Gripe?

"Maad" Rants & Other Stuff, QuickBooks Corner
  What's your biggest gripe, problem, or issue when it comes to using QuickBooks in your construction business? Is it the Myth of Do-It-Yourself Accounting?  Is it the fact that there really isn't a lot of construction specific help or training available?  Is it confusing terminology?  QuickBooks is a powerful software program --- but the key to your success in using it depends on how well it's setup and then how well you utilize the features that are built in. QuickBooks® is a generic bookkeeping and accounting program, designed to be used by every type of business that you can imagine.  If it was industry specific, well it would have the same big price tag!  Sure Intuit makes a “Contractor” version, but even then it’s designed to meet the needs…
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