Weekly Wrap-Up: News You Can Use 5/4 – 5/10/2012

News You Can Use
  There is so much news and information floating around the web – it’s difficult (at best) to keep up!  I’ve added a WordPress plug-in that grabs information from my Twitter stream to help me (and hopefully you as well) keep up with everything.  Look for the Weekly Wrap-Up: News You Can Use every Friday. Accounting & Taxes Foreign-bribery crackdown focuses on more than 100 companies https://t.co/I1N5EaOp -> IRS and Social Security Urged to Curb Tax Fraud and Identity Theft https://t.co/d7WO1ubM via @sharethis -> Reasonable-compensation standard creates tax risk for S corporation owners https://t.co/O1GMYyT0 -> Bookkeeping Quiz - Employer provided loans https://t.co/tRTSM1ua -> IRS to demand new reconciliations https://t.co/mHlmPonP -> Construction – Tools & Tax Tips https://t.co/ddQmuS1K -> eBooks, Webinars & Videos eBook: Hiring a Bookkeeper for your construction biz-Test…
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