Has the Need for Instant Gratification Made Us Forget Our Manners?

"Maad" Rants & Other Stuff
Has the need for instant gratification made us forget our manners?  More and more people seem to want everything their way and they want it now - no matter when NOW is.  Instant everything.  Instant messages, email, fax, internet. Instant food, the faster the better. Instant education, job, wealth.  Instant medical service, diagnosis, and an instant cure. Instant family. Instant travel. Instant information. Instant banking.  Instant support and training - even if it's 10 p.m. at night. Right or wrong, good or bad,  it seem that most people want it NOW!  What happened to please and thank you? I live in a very small, rural town - where people still wave at strangers, if you see someone broken down on the side of the road - you stop to help…
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