New & Updated “Certified Payroll Solution” Audio/Video Training

The "Sunburst" Website
With all of the enhancements (new features, forms, functionality) that we've made to Certified Payroll Solution in the last 1/2 years - not to mention the release of the new Federal WH-347 Certified payroll report and reporting requirements.....I decided it was time to get off my duff and update some of our training videos. After nearly 4 days of screen capture, audio recording, and editing I'm happy to announce that two of the video's (totally a little over 1 hour of viewing time) are now available in the Certified Payroll Solution Training, Support & Resource Center - in the Free Training Category. The video's that have been updated are the "Certified Payroll Solution Initial Setup Video" and the "Running Certified Payroll Solution Video". Updated videos are available in their original…
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