QuickBooks 2010 & Enterprise 10.0 R6P to Fix Many Windows 7 Errors

General QuickBooks News
04/22/2010 Intuit has released R6 (as a manual update) for QuickBooks Pro 2010, QuickBooks Premier (all versions) 2010, and Enterprise Solutions 10.0.  This manual update is available from https://support.quickbooks.intuit.com/Support/ProductUpdates.aspx?lid=UpdateDownloads%20%28SUB%20HDR%29 I attempted to download this update via the QuickBooks Automatic Update to find that the ONLY way to currently download the update is to use the link above. Below are the Release Notes for R6P: This latest QuickBooks Update offers improved performance, stability and functionality. Based on feedback, suggestions and recommendations from QuickBooks users like you, we’ve made improvements in a number of areas including: • PDFs — We’ve resolved issues that previously impacted some 64-bit PC or Microsoft Windows® 7 users when creating PDFs. • Payroll Capabilities — You can now start a payroll run, save the work you’ve completed…
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Turn just about any document into a PDF file

Cool "Stuff"
and reduce your ink and paper costs too! Are you tired of printing reams and reams of paper, or sending your Word documents/Excel spreadsheets as email attachments, and then worrying if the recipient is going to change something that they shouldn't? If so, the CutePDF is the tool for you!  Visit https://www.cutepdf.com and download their free version (you'll see advertisements) of CutePDF. CutePDF is nothing more than a fancy "printer" which you'll select when you go to print something, choose a location to save the document, and give it a name and "poof" you've got a .pdf file. Just as an aside; if you use our software, you can print your certified payroll reports and aia billing to .pdf files and then send them as email attachments. Download and install…
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