Review-QuickBooks 2010, Easier Registration with possible “glitch”

QuickBooks 2010 - What's New?, QuickBooks Corner
QuickBooks 2010 registration seems much more automated, with as much as possible being handled online.  In most cases, this should mean that users who upgrade will have to input less data, which will save them time and trouble. However, there's a potential problem that can occur in Steps 3-5 that you need to watch out for.  If you begin registration and have a file open, the data in the file will automatically populate the registration fields. If the open file doesn't contain the information you need to use for registration this could be troublesome.  I had a "test file open when I began the registration process".  So in MOST circumstances this should not be a problem. If you notice that this is happening onscreen, delete the incorrect data and then fill in the correct data. …
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