New Certified Payroll Solution Support Article

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A new Certified Payroll Solution support article has been added to our main website - Matching Your QuickBooks Paycheck Totals With Your Certified Payroll Report Totals A guide for verifying and troubleshooting the accuracy of your final certified payroll reports before you submit them is an important step in your overall success in using Certified Payroll Solution and getting paid on time. This mini-manual focuses on the Federal WH-347 form - which everyone has access to, 99% of the time, if the WH-347 form is accurate, any other state specific form that you are required to complete will be also.  It will teach you how to: Match your QuickBooks paycheck totals with your Certified Payroll Report totals Correct the 6 most common problems, based on over 10 years worth of…
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Happy 10th Birthday – Sunburst Software Solutions, Inc.

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Back 2000 who would have thought that developing a QuickBooks integrated add-on would become a very popular trend among software developers? Heck, there wasn't even a widely known, let alone an "Intuit approved method" of accessing QuickBooks data at that time, so WHY would anyone want to form a company that would read QuickBooks data to generate certified payroll reports for construction contractors? Yet, on August 16, 2000 that is exactly what Ben & Nancy Smyth of Sunburst Software Solutions, Inc. decided to do - write QuickBooks integrated software that would produce Certified Payroll Reports for government construction projects. Ten years and almost 4,000 contractors using QuickBooks later; Sunburst is still going strong. We would like to say "thank you" to all of our current and past customers for their…
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Certified Payroll & AIA Billing Updates

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We've been testing, debugging, and documenting numerous certified payroll and AIA billing updates for the last few weeks - I've posted some of the information behind the changes here in our blog. Today, I just send out a newsletter to over 2,000 construction companies (in all 50 states) who use our software - Glad I use Constant Contact to keep everyone up to date, otherwise they would get me for spamming :-) Below are highlights from the newsletter. Certified Payroll Solution Updates: There are several new enhancements, changes, and requirements available for Certified Payroll Solution; some at the State level for certified payroll reporting and others at the Federal level for EEOC Reporting - each item has a link to our website where you will find complete instructions.  Be sure…
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Press Release

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PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release Contact Nancy Smyth Sunburst Software Solutions, Inc. (888) 348-2877 phone (866) 684-5157 fax SUNBURST SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS, INC. RELEASES FEDERAL WH-347 COMPLIANCE UPDATE FOR "CERTIFIED PAYROLL SOLUTION" AND CONTRACTORS USING QUICKBOOKS. "Certified Payroll Solution" Integrates with QuickBooks to Help Contractors Working on Government Funded Construction Projects Comply With Certified Payroll Reporting Requirements, Saving Them Time And Money. West Charleston, VT - January 16, 2009 Sunburst Software Solutions, Inc., an Intuit Gold Developer, is pleased to announce the release of a compliance update, on January 14, 2009, for their flagship QuickBooks integrated application "Certified Payroll Solution."  This compliance update meets new Federal WH-347 certified payroll reporting requirements which become effective January 18, 2009, as mandated by the U.S. Department of Labor on December 18, 2008.…
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