Employers Receiving Name/SSN No-Match Letters from SSA

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Employers and employees, be aware that you could be receiving name/SSN no-match letters at home from the SSA {Social Security Administration} - learn what it means and how to respond to such a letter.  Information contained in this article is from the General Ledger - the Complete Newsletter for Professional Bookkeepers, published by the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers. The SSA started sending out name/SSN no-match letters again in March of this year to employer and employee or self-employed at home.  The new notices have one mismatch per letter and are called "Decentralized Correspondence" (DECOR).  SSA wants to make sure that a worker's earnings are posted to the right account. Exception: SSA will not be sending no-match letters for tax years 2007-2009. SSA recommends responding to a no-match letter as…
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