Top 10 Thursday – News from around the Web 1/19/2012

News You Can Use
Top 10 Thursday features 10 of the most interesting articles that I found the previous week.  There is so much news and information available on the web – it’s difficult to read everything and stay up to date.  As I read articles on the web – I’ll share some that I feel are important. General Business: Guarding Against Fraud:  How to Protect Your Organization Business-driving technology worth considering in 2012 Bookkeeping, Accounting, Payroll & Taxes: Committee to start work on payroll-tax cut in mid-January Taxpayers Warned of Changes for Tax Season Construction: Top 10 transportation issues for 2012, including texting and cell phone usage while driving Indian considers right-to-work legislation Understanding General Liability Insurance for Contractors The Science of Bidding New York state plans to invest $15B in infrastructure improvements…
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