What’s New In QuickBooks 2010?

QuickBooks 2010 - What's New?
I'm sure you all have been reading snippets of information on the web and quite possibly you've been receiving marketing literature from Intuit about the release of QuickBooks 2010. Well, it's official. You can order QuickBooks 2010 beginning September 28, 2009 - directly from Intuit or through the Affiliate Page on our website at a discount of 10-20% - visit https://www.sunburstsoftwaresolutions.com/order-quickbooks.htm Usually, with the official QuickBooks release announcement, we also release  our own independent "Annual Review" of the new features (and what we think of them) that are in the new version of QuickBooks. Our Review of What's New In QuickBooks 2010 will not be so timely this year, we have had a VERY tight time frame in which to test and work with a Final Release version - just…
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