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QuickBooks 2011 – Computer Requirements & Office Compatibility

We all think that when we purchase a new computer and/or version of Microsoft Office - that all of our software; including QuickBooks 2011 will run perfectly........this is NOT always the case. Each version of QuickBooks (Pro, Premier and Enterprise) has different compatibility requirements for use with Microsoft Office. Not all versions of QuickBooks are compatible with Office 2010. Read these requirements carefully!
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Windows 7 ROCKS

Certified Payroll Solution (CPS), Construction Application for Payment Solution (CAPS), Crew/Overtime Entry Solution (COES) and Wage Manager Solution (WMS) by Sunburst Software Solutions, Inc. is compatible with QuickBooks 2010 and Windows 7.
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Nancy’s “Big” Adventure – or Upgrading to Windows 7 Ultimate Final Release

We received the "Final Release" version of Windows 7. Frankly this is amazing - we actually have a final release of "something" a full month before it will start hitting the computers of our customers. Kudo's to Microsoft for LONG beta testing periods and a "real" early access program! Roughly 10 plus days ago, Intuit released purchasing availability to it's ProAdvisors.
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Windows 7, Vista & XP Machines

There is NO UPGRADE path from an XP machine to Windows 7, so you will need to do a clean install......this means that you had better back up all of your data to an external source and I mean ALL of your data, your Word files, your Excel files, your pdf's any document you've ever downloaded from the internet that you would "die" without; because a clean install will erase everything from your hard drive.
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Windows 7 – Coming Soon to a Computer Near You

Windows 7 will be installed on new computers beginning in October, so with the news, I've decided that I need to jump on the band wagon and build a "test" machine using the Windows 7 Release Candidate (a "Release candidate " is the version that is the last beta or test version that is released prior to a "final release" for the general public". )
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