QuickBooks 2012 – Best Practices & Tips for Installing an Upgrade

QuickBooks 2012 - What's New
Best practices and tips for installing a QuickBooks 2012 upgrade on a computer that already has an existing version of QuickBooks in place. Remember, QuickBooks MUST be installed using a Standard User Account when you are running Windows Vista or Windows 7 AND you use QuickBooks integrated 3rd party programs - see Windows, QuickBooks & 3rd Party Apps - The Struggle Within. If you have Intuit do the upgrade, DO NOT let the Intuit rep install the new version from within your computer's Administrator account and DO NOT let them choose the "upgrade" option when they do the installation.  Also, make sure that your computer IT person is aware of the requirements and best practices - many do not. Make sure that you watch and understand what is being done…
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QuickBooks 2011 – Can’t Verify Subscription Without Internet

QuickBooks 2011 - What's New?
Have you or your clients received a QuickBooks 2011 message window, when you are not connected to the internet, stating: We can't detect your internet connection, so we can't verify your QuickBooks subscription. I frequently receive this message and others when I work on my Vista laptop and it is not connected to the internet.  Is QuickBooks 2011 "phoning home" to Intuit?  I seriously believe that it is phoning home to Intuit on a daily basis - either that or I've found a bug. Background: QuickBooks Premier Accountant 2011 R3P with no internet connection on a Vista 32 bit laptop, a Windows 7 64-bit laptop AND a Windows 7 64-bit desktop; logged in as a Windows "Standard" User. Details of the problem: Boot computer normally.  The Vista (or Windows 7)…
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QuickBooks 2011 – Computer Requirements & Office Compatibility

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We all think that when we purchase a new computer and/or version of Microsoft Office - that all of our software; including QuickBooks 2011 will run perfectly........this is NOT always the case. Each version of QuickBooks (Pro, Premier and Enterprise) has different compatibility requirements for use with Microsoft Office.  Not all versions of QuickBooks 2011 (and some of the reports) are compatible with Office 2010.  Read these requirements carefully! QuickBooks Pro & Premier 2011 (excluding Premier Accountant Edition) Computer Requirements: 2.0 GHz processor, 2.4 GHz recommended 1 GB RAM for a single user, 2 GB RAM recommended for multiple users 2.5 GB available disk space (additional space required for data files) 250 MB disk space for Microsoft .NET 3.5 Runtime (provided on the QuickBooks CD) 1024 x 768 screen (monitor)…
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QuickBooks 2010 – Email Marketing, No Windows Vista or 7 Support

QuickBooks 2010 - What's New?
Email Marketing is something else that Intuit has built into QuickBooks 2010. From the Customers menu choose Email Marketing OR from the Online Services choose Email Marketing.  Your default browser will launch. The first thing that I noticed about this was that it was very slow and then I got this error message that explained it all! Firefox is my default browser and this requires Internet Explorer.  {sigh} So I followed the instructions and copied the url from Firefox and pasted it into Internet Explorer, unfortunately it was even slower to load in Internet Explorer and instead of the error I received I received another window wanting me to install an Active X component. So I go ahead and indicate that I want to install the Active X component and…
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Windows 7, Vista & XP Machines

New Technology
Well I have my Windows 7 RC1 test machine setup - it's a 64-bit machine instead of a 32-bit. There is NO UPGRADE path from an XP machine to Windows 7, so you will need to do a clean install......this means that you had better back up all of your data to an external source and I mean ALL of your data, your Word files, your Excel files, your pdf's any document you've ever downloaded from the internet that you would "die" without; because a clean install will erase everything from your hard drive. Aren't I just the bearer of good news?  NOT! But there is more..... While the installation of Windows 7 was quick and painless all was not joyful. I have a Samsung SyncMaster 213T Monitor (one of…
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