QuickBooks Tip – Creating Lien Waivers & Contract Documents

Vendors & Accounts Payable
A QuickBooks Tip for creating Lien Waivers, Releases, and other Contract Documents from within the software by using the Letters function. QuickBooks doesn't have the ability to automatically generate a Lien Waiver & Release form, or any other Contract Document, like many of the more costly construction software packages, this means that QuickBooks users must find an alternative method to generate these vital contract documents. Let's say that you are a Subcontractor and  need to generate a very simple Lien Waiver and Release form to a General Contractor. One method is to create a Word document that has to be manually updated each time you need to generate  the form. Another method is to take that existing Word "template" and bring it into the QuickBooks  Prepare Letters and Envelopes function…
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