The Day Has Come to Get Rid of Your CLUTTER!

Be A Better Bookkeeper, From Our Guest Bloggers
A guest blog post by Daniel Richman of The Domestic Assistants from the Ventura, California.  He and his wife, Jennifer, are a whirlwind of energy and together they make up a tag team duo who "get the job DONE! The day has come to get rid of your clutter....WHAT do you do? Do you jump on the occasion?  Rip, shred, and tear the junk away from your workspace? I don’t know about you, but in my business, I've seen it all.  The one thing that's common about most is….the amount of paperwork. Past, present, and sometimes even future (pending) paperwork goes into the mix. We all do it, I'm guilty. So, what do YOU do? Are you reliant on your desktop/laptop computer to store the information into a hard drive?…
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