QuickBooks Tips – Year End Tasks for Filing Taxes

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The end of the year always adds even more tasks to your already busy schedule, and sometimes it is simply overwhelming and I’ve often been asked – “What do I need to do?” Intuit has built a very good “QuickBooks Year-End Guide/Checklist” and it’s included right in your QuickBooks program by going to the Help Menu and choosing Year-End Guide.  Over the next few days, we’ll cover each topic listed in the Year-End Guide, and offer some additional tips on each of the three sections: Tasks to prepare for filing taxes, Tasks to do if you use subcontractors, Tasks to do if you have employees and some Tips for the upcoming year. Tasks to prepare for filing taxes: Reconcile all bank and credit card accounts – now really you should…
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Intuit/QuickBooks Payroll Year-End Center

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Visit the QuickBooks Payroll Year-End Center for help with the following: Year-End Basics - how to close out your books and your payroll How to make sure that you have the latest QuickBooks updates AND Payroll updates Payroll news, alerts, and tax information I haven't had a chance to look through everything that is there, but what I have looked at is very good. Visit https://www.payroll.com/support/yearend.html to look around.
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