QuickBooks Tip-Handling Employee Reimbursements for Expenses

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  • Suzanne

    Hello! What a great column. Today, I was going to enter receipts submitted by my boss (company owner) that will later be reimbursed to her when there is enough money to do so. However, here is what happened: I opened her name in the Vendor center and clicked on enter bill. I typed in her name, the date and the amount and assumed when I tabbed it would drop down to the lower portion of the form where I would enter the expense account to charge the receipt to. However, instead of a blank form, there was a long list of previously entered expense items and I could not tab into the expense column. What the heck is going on????

  • Hi Jeannie
    Without actually “seeing” what’s going on in QuickBooks – I’m going to be VERY cautious in my answer.

    Make a backup of your QuickBooks file.
    Go into the Reimbursement check – actually Edit it so you can see the accounts that it lists with the dollar amounts. Pick one item.
    Go and look at the bill that was entered for this item – is it posted to the same account?

    If so, void the check – Edit menu -> Void – in the Memo line enter Paid by Owner X on check # whatever.

    Rerun your report and see if the amount changed.

    If so, void the other bills using the same message in the memo line.

  • Jeannie

    Hi Nancy,
    Our small business just purchased Quickbooks in September. Before this, we had been doing everything manually. I have entered every invoice and receipt for the year of 2011. I LOVE quickbooks, but I am running into a slight problem. Another owner/ employee pays some of the bills every month, such as the phone bill, the credit card bills, the van payment, insurance, etc and the company reimburses him on one check every month. I entered these bills individually on Item Receipts under each vendors name, and the check that is written to him for reimbursement is listed as an Expense Reimbursement on the check register. Now I printed the Profit and Loss statement, and it shows these bills as an expense PLUS the expense reimbursement for these bills as another expense. So, if the bills are $1,500 total, with the Expense Reimbursement for these bills, it shows expenses of $3,000. How do I fix this? Do I delete one or the other?

  • Deb

    Hi Nancy,
    If I have my employees also set up as Vendors for reimbursements, do you see any problem with also using Direct Deposit to pay them?

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