QuickBooks 2012 – Frequently Asked Questions About Upgrading

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  • Hi Jeff
    That’s correct, the Standard User account is not part of the local admin group. When you install software through the Standard User, UAC brings up the dialog box to enter the admin credentials – this is a security feature that allows you to make sure that ONLY programs you want installed get installed. Very handy if you are out on the web at an unknown site that wants to install some malicious software.

    As for Intuit documentation, you won’t find it – it might be hinted at -but it is not directly stated.

  • Jeff

    Thanks Nancy,

    Just to clarify, your standard user account is not part of the local admin group. When you initiate an install from the standard account, UAC brings up the dialog to enter admin credentials, right?

    I haven’t been able to locate anywhere in Intuit’s documentation that you have to install QB using a standard account.

  • Hi Jeff
    Thanks for stopping by.
    Here is a link to another post, Windows, QuickBooks & 3rd Party Apps – The Struggle Within, this post will discuss Windows User Account types and Intuit requirements.

    Basically, according to Microsoft best practices – each computer should have both an Administrator and one or more Standard User Accounts – for better security.

    Most software can (and should be) installed under standard user accounts and “shared” with other users who log into the computer – there are only a few programs that absolutely have to be installed through the Administrator account.

    When using QuickBooks and a 3rd party application, Intuit requires that both QuickBooks and the 3rd party app be installed under the standard user account – otherwise the user will most likely encounter the dreaded 80040408 Could not start QuickBooks error.

    My personal rule of thumb, since my first Vista laptop, is that EVERY piece of software that I install is installed through the Standard User Account. The only thing that I have ever used the Administrator account for is to initially setup the Standard User Account.

  • Jeff

    Your tech specifications for Win7 say

    “Windows 7, all versions with User Account Control (UAC) turned on {installed under a Standard User Account if using 3rd party add-ons}”

    If not using Add-ons, does the install still require a standard user account? or is an admin account required?
    If installed using a standard account, will all users on that workstation be able to use QB and all data?
    If a new install (not an upgrade) on Win7, do I use a standard or admin account?

  • Debi – Intuit has changed the way that QuickBooks stores your data several times since the Pro 2000 version. While I can’t say one way or another if you will have trouble – I would say to PLAN on having trouble and have more than one backup of your QuickBooks file. Personally, I would hire someone who could update the file incrementally for you – meaning upgrade it through several different versions of QuickBooks before landing in your final destination of QuickBooks 2012.

  • Debi

    I can hardly remember what I wrote. Ijust need to know if I should expect any trouble upgrading from Quickbook Pro 2000 to 2012. Should I have any troubles blending my files?

  • Hi Chris
    You cannot add or mix QuickBooks 2012 with 2010 – once the 2012 version touches or works with your data file the folks who have 2010 won’t be able to use it or you’ll end up with data in two different files.

    I also don’t recommend buying a 2010 version off eBay or anywhere else on the internet – often those versions have already been licensed and then you’ve got another mess on your hands.

    Is the new computer a replacement for one that already has 2010 installed on it? If that is the case you can uninstall QuickBooks from the computer that is being replaced and install it on the new machine and still be within your license agreement with Intuit.

    I hope thing helps. If you have more questions, please let me know.

  • Chris Dunbar

    I have a new 4th computer at my office that needs Quickbooks however I only have a 3 user 2010 Premier. I don’t want to fully upgrade all computers–Is the 2012 Premier compatible with the 2010? I have been looking on Ebay for an older 2010 but they are still going for $100-$150 & not listed that often. Trying to go this route since I will have to upgrade all in 2013 when Intuit discontinues the 2010. Before I buy a 2012 if I can’t find an older 2010, want to make sure the 4th computer running the 2012 will all work together. Any guidance will be appreciated. Thank you!

  • Nancy
    According to what I read on the IDN Early Access Forums, there was a problem this year in getting beta licenses for developers – not sure how that could be.

    In addition to leaving us behind the 8 ball, it’s extremely stressful – how do we make sure our customers are aware of this? Sure, we do things like post on our blog, on the main support area of our website, send out newsletters, emails, etc. But not everyone reads that information.

    As developers we can move forward under the premise of everything SHOULD work, but we all know what making assumptions can lead to. For myself, I like to beat the crap out of our software with a final release of the new version of QuickBooks before I say yes, it works OR oops, we need to make some changes.

  • Nancy Gomez

    ❓ ❓ ❓ Why hasn’t Intuit let you developers in on the “secrets” of 2012? That leaves all of you behind the 8 ball and hoping that you don’t have to make major changes to your own programs. Plus, that leaves your clients in the lurch for a month or so. I use between 5 & 10 3rd party apps every day – what a mess for me to have to wait and wonder! Shame on Intuit!

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