Learn To Use QuickBooks In Your Construction Business


Learn to use Quickbooks® in your construction business – QuickBooks® for Contractors Bookkeeping Tips & Training is a new website that we launched over the weekend. 

We are very pleased to announce the launch of a brand new QuickBooks® training resource for contractors and the accounting professionals who support them, owned and developed by Sunburst Software Solutions, Inc.Learn to use QuickBooks® in your construction business.

The new website will feature reasonably priced bookkeeping tips & training via:

  • eBooks
  • Live webinars
  • Pre-recorded videos

Specifically for commercial/government construction contractors who use QuickBooks® for their bookkeeping and accounting needs, their bookkeepers, and the accounting professionals who support them.  This new support and training site provides answers and techniques that are not available in the QuickBooks® Help file or even even QuickBooks® conferences designed for accounting professionals.

Construction is an extremely broad term – and includes everyone from your local handyman to a contractor who builds road and bridges on our nations highways.  Because your construction business is unique – it goes without saying that your bookkeeping and accounting requirements will be different as well – construction is a broad term and there are a lot of different types of contractors and no one needs/wants to track the same things in the same manner.

With the economy and company budgets being what they are, many contractors are leaving behind their costly high-end construction specific accounting programs and are switching to QuickBooks® because of it’s reasonable cost and ease of use – but once they start working with it, they discover many shortcomings and become frustrated.

The needs of a commercial/government construction contractor are quite unique and complex, especially if you perform work on government funded/prevailing wage construction projects, deal with Certified Payroll, AIA Billing, retainage, weighted-average-overtime, need to get equipment costs into job costing reports, or want to track your general liability insurance costs when they are based on gross payroll.

Over the years I’ve created many different QuickBooks training materials, initially for our customers, and added them to the Support Area of our main website and mentioned them here on this blog as well; unfortunately they’ve become buried.  You’ll now find many of those same items showcased on the Learn to use QuickBooks in your construction business website as they are updated and republished, sign up to get email updates when new training materials are released.

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