Reselling Accounting versus Reselling Technology

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Accounting professionals are often considered to be the “trusted adviser”, working in the best interests of their client and helping overcome obstacles to business success. At the very minimum, business owners recognize that they need their accountant to get their taxes done, and that relationship alone requires a level of trust that no typical vendor can boast. Accounting professionals are also often advocates for certain computer technology and/or software solutions, largely because they are viewed as tools which facilitate a better working relationship between the client and their accountant, and which may improve the quality of information available to both. Recommendations regarding the selection of accounting software packages and solutions to record and report on business activities may be made by the accountant, and those recommendations are often accepted by…
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QuickBooks Tip – Determing Cost of Goods Sold

Job Costing Tips, QuickBooks Setup & Cleanup
Question: How do I determine the Cost of Goods Sold for an item? Answer: I tell my clients that Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) is any cost incurred that directly relates to getting the sold goods out the door. I have them ask the question "Would you have this expense if you hadn't made the sale?" Typical examples of COGS are product purchased for resale, subcontractors or vendors you hire specifically for preparing a product for sale, shipping materials like packaging, freight costs of receiving the resale product and shipping the product to your customers, payroll/labor costs of your employees who are directly related to preparing the goods to be sold or shipped out (would you have hired them if you didn't have the product to sell?). Costs that are…
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QuickBooks Client Data Review Tool – Not Just for Accountants

Be A Better Bookkeeper, General QuickBooks News
The "QuickBooks Client Data Review Tool", introduced and available directly from the Accountant Menu in both the QuickBooks Premier Accountant Edition 2009 and the Enterprise Solutions Accountant Edition 9.0 isn't just for Accountants - (in my opinion, anyway).NOTE: This feature is also available in QuickBooks Premier Accountant Editions 2010 and Enterprise Solutions Accountant Edition 10.0. As a business owner with multiple employee's working with your company data file, you should have the ability to "know" what these employees are doing and how they are recording the daily transactions of your company. As a business owner, you too can access an use the QuickBooks  "Client Data Review Tool" and take ownership of your company transactions that make up your QuickBooks company file.  The QuickBooks Client Data Review Tool can be "enabled"…
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